Pesticide residue free:


Rio Tinto Citricos No post harvest treatments of the fruit keeping the skin free of any chemical residues.

Rio Tinto Citricos Grown in isolated farms to facilitate the application of biological pest control.

Rio Tinto Citricos Sustainable agricultural practice through respect for biodiversity and conservation of the natural wildlife.


Seedless and easy to peel:


Rio Tinto Citricos The isolation of these farms protects our crop from exterior contamination and prevents cross-pollination, the main cause for appearance of seeds.

Rio Tinto Citricos The nature of these isolated varieties guarantees easy to peel fruit.


Optimal flavor and color:


Rio Tinto Citricos Harvested at the right moment for compliance with Pritchett´s tongue diagram, assuring the perfect contrast between brix (sugar) and acidity.

Rio Tinto Citricos The richness of our land and its minerals contribute to the strong color of our fruit.







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